Our story - Big Mountain Training

Our story

By Chase Tucker - Head Coach and Co-Creator

When I started my first training business "Base Camp Training" I had just quit my 7th job in 12 months. I was lost, I felt as is my life’s purpose was to pay bills, fit into a box like everyone else, to shut up and procreate. I didn’t want that for my life, I wanted to make a positive impact on people's lives, I wanted the respect that comes with creating a brand and building a business, and I wanted to be able to live my values without oppression from anyone.

Around 2 years before I started the business I went to the himalayas for the first time. I trekked for 10 days in the Annapurna region and noticed that many people had turned back due to injury and exhaustion, this made me thankful for my naturally good level of fitness and my experience as a young hiker which I had plenty growing up in Tasmania. I also had one of the most, profoundly spiritual and life changing experiences of my life. Through the challenge of the mountains, I grew significantly as a person. After Annapurna I continued on alone, into the Khumbu region of Nepal, however I hadn’t done my research and the monsoon clouds, rain and storms were so oppressive that I cut the trip short and labelled it a failure. I never wanted to experience that again. If I did my research, spend my time wisely and had an understanding my limits and abilities, I could have summited Mera Peak that year, but I didn’t know who to consult, or where to look for information. based on this need, Base Camp Training was born.

After training over 150 people for the mountains through Base Camp I decided to launch an online coaching arm for trekkers and elite mountain climbers. I used the principles I had learned from my various mountaineer and strength coaching mentors around the world to design programs that were both doable and highly effective. I built simple systems to allow many people around the world to customise their workouts and yet still maintain the specificity and volume needed for trekking and mountaineering. 

Most of all I am my number one client. Every mistake has been made on my own training, and I've built Big Mountain Training to help you avoid the easy mistakes to make, meaning you can succeed in the mountains and conquer yourself.

Big Mountain Vision

Vision To awaken the adventurer within

Mission To become the world's most engaged community of adventurers. 

At Big Mountain Training our values drive everything we do. They encompass how we show up in life, they are a part of our DNA.  

1. Take ownership: I am the cause, not the affect

2. Know thyself, bring your unique energy and joy

3. Go bigger. Over-deliver

4. Seek to understand, before being understood

5. Get out and learn, to share when you return

6. Turn fear into fuel, Turn pain into power

7. Be active and authentic in your support of others

8. Be a master of leverage, do more with less

9. Believe in the outcome

10. Offer no resistance to life